Pilot/Flying J Realizing Efficiencies with EnTrans’ Smart Trailer Technology

Athens, TN. – (April 21, 2023) When you’re covering thousands of miles each week, keeping your fleet in top condition and drivers safe can be monumental challenges. Fortunately, advancements in trailer technologies and equipment are giving fleet managers new hope, especially when it comes to tire maintenance. Engineered Transportation International® (EnTrans®) has partnered with Drōv Technologies AirBoxOneTM smart trailer solution to bring a game-changing technology to the industry—an intelligent trailer technology system with dynamic tire inflation. This technology is making an impact; fleets that have added it to their equipment are already seeing reduced tire wear and resulting cost savings.

Tire maintenance has come a long way over the years. Once a guessing game, tire health has become easier to gauge with advancements like tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors. Today, the smart trailer technology—available on Heil Trailer® and Polar Tank® products—is taking tire maintenance to a whole new level with real- time monitoring and tire pressure adjustments. Using weight sensors with geofencing technology, the system automatically inflates or deflates tires, whether the trailer is loaded or unloaded. Maintaining proper pressure is key to more even tire wear and greater fuel efficiency. At a time when fleets are facing rising costs, this system helps increase load efficiency and capacity, as well as reduces cost per mile and the potential for roadside failures.

“We remain focused on the future and on bringing advanced technologies that enhance driver safety and operational efficiency,” stated Jake Radish, SVP Sales & Marketing, EnTrans. “Partnering with Drōv Technologies, we offer one of the most advanced systems available for trailers today.”

Pilot/Flying J deployed this innovative technology on several of its Heil Trailer petroleum trailers and is seeing practical results. The system’s fuel and weight sensors operate in real time on a dashboard that allows for maximum fuel loading. Pilot’s trailers are frequently loaded and unloaded, so quickly adjusting tire pressure is critical. Pilot drivers have a dedicated mobile phone equipped with an app to access the dashboard and manage the system. This allows drivers and fleet managers to receive alerts and notifications through their devices.

“This technology allows us to adjust for maximum fuel loading, which has allowed us to add more gallons per load on our Oklahoma City trailer, which could equate to eight more loads per year,” said Brent Hickman, Senior Manager of Equipment Maintenance and Sales at Pilot/Flying J.

“Our close relationship with Pilot/Flying J made this an ideal opportunity to test our smart trailer technology,” Radish explained. “The dynamic tire inflation provides another tool for them to use in their efforts to keep drivers safe.”

With this technology—a comprehensive and open “smart trailer” solution that connects a myriad of sensors—Pilot can integrate with third-party solutions but view and interface with just one dashboard. This integration also means Pilot has access to critical safety and maintenance features, with key operational and safety information being relayed directly in real time.

Left image shows tire using a traditional inflation system. Right image shows the dynamic inflation system.

Early data from the Pilot trailers that feature the dynamic tire system has shown a 51.7% increase in tire life. Based on a trailer expected to travel 2.5 million miles over 20 years, the company is estimating the tire cost at half of the original estimated costs for the life of the trailer without the system.

EnTrans continues its legacy of driving the industry forward with advanced technologies like dynamic tire inflation. This innovative trailer system is giving fleets a significant edge in today’s changing transportation landscape—helping to lower the cost of ownership while improving safety, reducing downtime and maximizing payload. To learn more about EnTran’s smart trailer technology with dynamic tire inflation and its potential for your fleet, contact your local Heil Trailer or Polar Tank sales representative.